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Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Maker

Our chocolate is all made with the best flavor grade cacao we can get. We use only two ingredients in-order-to highlight the subtle flavors in each distinct origin of beans. The second ingredient is organic cane sugar. Our mission is to bring back cacao to its original glory, used as a form of currency hundreds of years ago. We are using only the highest quality ingredients, and careful processing to bring the consumer a one of a kind bar.

Ginger Snap Dark Chocolate: Experience crumbled bits of handcrafted, spicy ginger snaps paired with Dick Taylor’s 70% Guatemala dark chocolate. Dick Taylor uses ginger snaps made by “Bunches & Bunches” from Portland, Oregon.

It has all the notes and bitterness of a dark chocolate with some texture and spice of the cookie and sugar crystals. I let it slowly melt in my mouth. First, I catch the espresso and fruit notes of the cacao and then comes the mild heat from the ginger and cayenne. I was expecting large chunks of cookie, but it seems mostly ground within the bar. Once the chocolate is melted away, I experience the ginger snap more fully. Molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla are then more present with a delightful cookie crumble texture. Of course, one can always just dive in and start chewing like any other inclusion bar, but I recommend the slow tasting method for this one.

Vanilla Raspberry Dark Chocolate: ​​Using our Good Food Award winning 72% Belize, Toledo dark chocolate, we've dusted it with a mix of organic freeze-dried raspberries and organic vanilla coconut palm sugar to make a delightful berry bar.

The concept behind the vanilla raspberry was to create a blend of visual and flavor elements. First of all, the almost neon pink color of the freeze-dried raspberries is the first thing you notice and is a stunning visual accent to the deep rich color of the chocolate. Flavor wise, the raspberry fills a flavor space that is absent from chocolate. The tartness of the raspberry is a stark contrast to the ripe fruit flavors in the Belize dark chocolate. The small addition of the vanilla coconut palm sugar rounds out the aroma and gives it a slight sweetness. Overall, the bar is just fun to eat, an experience engaging all the senses.


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