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A range of quintessentially English 'biscuits' to accompany fine cheeses.
In their cheese shop based in Bath, England, The Fine Cheese Co. first began making their own premium line of crackers after wondering why there are so many great cheeses, and so few great crackers to go with them. To that end, they've developed their English line, a neutral selection of crackers that don't impose themselves on the cheeses.
Bath Ovals: All-butter, large, crisp, neutral biscuits for cheese.
Bath Ovals are all-butter, large, crisp, neutral flavored biscuits for cheese. Sometimes they are known as "Bath Oliver Biscuits" after their creator Dr. William Oliver. He created these large sugar-free biscuits in the 1750's for his patients who came to Bath, England, to take in the spa waters. Originally, patients would receive a "bath bun" which was a sugary, butter pastry. Unfortunately, it was too rich for rheumatic patients, so the classic Bath Oliver Biscuit was born! The secret recipe nearly died with Dr William Oliver, but, luckily, he confided the recipe to his coachman who opened a bakery after the doctor's passing.
Charcoal Squares: All-butter, with a crumbly texture and delicate flavor that makes them a natural and gentle partner for any cheese. While charcoal has been used for medical purposes since Egyptian times, charcoal crackers were first made in England in the mid-19th century as an aid to digestion. Today they are served with cheese.
Gluten-Free Water Crackers: To answer the demand for gluten-free we are introducing a new Water Cracker that is delicious, as well as suitable for celiacs.
Made from maize flour, soya bran and tapioca, it is wheat free, gluten free and dairy free. It has a toasty flavor and is thin and crunchy and a great addition to the range.
Oatcakes: All-butter, and all-English, oat biscuits for cheese. Oats were the staple grain for the Scots, as well as a plentiful grain in Northern England, where wheat was hard to grow. Softer than wheat crackers and crumbly in texture, oatcakes were a favorite in many regions. This led to the proliferation of many local styles of oatcakes.
A proper oatcake should only be made with oats (and butter). While many are not what they seem, ours are the real deal.
Water Crackers: Crispy-textured crackers for cheese, with a dark 'nutty' taste.
In 1801 Josiah Bent of Massachusetts began baking and selling 'water crackers' made from flour and water that wouldn't deteriorate during long sea voyages. During baking, a cracking sound occurred and it is from this that the American term 'cracker' originated. As tradition dictates, we only use 100% English flour and English water to make our crackers and bake by toasting under flames for 1 minute. The result is a cracker that is ultra-crisp, with a dark, 'nutty' taste.
Wheat Fingers: Wheat Fingers are all-butter, sweet, crumbly finger biscuits for cheese. In England, this type of biscuit is known as a "digestive," which comes from the old belief that the alkaline in the leavening agents acted as an antacid. Made from a blend of wholemeal flour and bran these crackers have a slightly sweet flavor that's perfect with blue cheeses or aged goat's milk cheeses. Makes a beautiful substitution for graham crackers.
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