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S.A.L.T. Sisters has grown to become a lifestyle company for your kitchen, offering all-natural, gluten-free, MSG-free and non-GMO products with no preservatives. True to our humble beginnings, our seasonings feature the same unrefined salt Charmane learned about all those years ago. Our products are designed to add rich flavor to real foods and make eating healthy a delicious experience for our customers.

All-natural, gluten-free, MSG-free and non-GMO products with no preservatives.

Made in Indiana

Applewood Smoked Cracker Peppercorns: Not too spicy or overly smoky, a simple way to create complex flavor in your next meal. This is so far from your average ground pepper. The alluring hints of smoke with the freshness of cracked peppercorn combined to an unbelievably delicious end.  

Uses: Substitute for regular pepper where you want rich, smoky flavor. Makes a beautiful peppercorn gravy to go over potatoes and roasted meat. Try in hearty soups and stews or use to ground a fresh, bright salad. Delicious sprinkled on sliced tomatoes with sea salt.

Everyday Seasoning Salt: This seasoning salt is all about the smoke, the subtle heat, the tanginess and an incredible depth of flavor. Common cooking staples like garlic and onion are amped up with smoky paprika, sweet coconut sugar and earthy turmeric and celery seed. It will certainly help you transform any “everyday” dish into something flavorful and truly unique.

Uses: The versatility of this blend is what makes it so incredible. Use for meats, stews, soup, chili, tacos, even sprinkle on a vegetable dish. Use your imagination with this one!

Florida Sunshine Seasoning: This blend is all about the citrus. A bright and refreshing zip of zingy perfection comes through immediately. With the flavors of lemon, orange, line and grapefruit, this seasoning is absolutely perfect for perking up any dish. Inevitably, it will transport your palate to a tropical, beach-side paradise.

Uses: A keen companion to seafood and chicken. Sprinkle over vegetable kabobs before grilling or include in cream-based dishes to brighten and add delicious dimensions.

Herbs de Provence with Sea Salt: The enticing aroma of garden herbs thyme, rosemary and basil complemented by the sweet scent of lavender flowers, make this traditional French blend mouthwatering and soothing to the soul. The herbs can be chopped finer or ground in a salt mill, but don't be afraid to use as-is.

Uses: Absolutely delicious on slow-roasted chicken, beef, lamb, buttered potatoes, corn on the cob, broiled tomato slices and baked into bread.

In a Hurry Curry: Enticing, richly aromatic spices warm the soul and excite the taste buds. A complex yet balanced blend of unrefined sea salt and 15 select spices, our curry creates unmatched mouthwatering flavor. With little time and effort, you can build delicious depth and satisfy your curry cravings.

Uses: Make the most delicious butter chicken, a simple curry with meat and vegetables, or use to season rice, deviled eggs and chicken salad.

Mama Mia’s Herb Blend: Inspired by the great flavors of Italy, this blend features lavish amounts of garlic, garden herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and crushed red pepper. Bold and herbaceous, this seasoning makes a perfect addition to any of your Italian cooking.  

Uses: Mix with crushed or strained tomatoes and simmer to make a delicious marinara sauce. Works beautifully to season chicken, tomato or vegetable soups.

Mojo Seasoning: With zesty citrus flavors and bold spice, your taste buds are instantly transported. A Cuban-born classic, this seasoning deliciously celebrates the food that inspired it. 

Uses: Backyard barbecues never tasted so good! Use to marinate pork shoulder, chicken or fish, season rice and fresh mango salsa for an incredibly satisfying meal.

s.a.l.t. sisters Blend: The perfect blend of salt, pepper, garlic and onion.  This seasoning is simple, yet full of rich flavor and complements any dish you could imagine. Nothing gets more "all-purpose" than this.

Uses: For deeper flavor, substitute this for your everyday use of salt & pepper.

Steakhouse Seasoning: An underlying citrusy flavor, a burst of garlicky goodness and the earthy taste of thyme are what we bring to you in this amazing creation. You never knew you could have that true steakhouse flavor right from your backyard grill, and yet with this blend of amazing herbs, you absolutely can!

Uses: Of course, this is amazing on steak; try branching out and use to season casseroles, creamy pasta dishes, scrambled eggs and sautéed veggies.

Tuscan Farmhouse Blend: A delicious blend of authentic Italian herbs, garlic and crushed red pepper, this seasoning evokes the rustic beauty of the Italian countryside. You can almost smell the meat roasting, the pasta sauce simmering and the fresh herb bread baking.

Uses: An all-purpose Italian seasoning; use on lamb, beef, chicken, fish, roasted veggies and in salads, soups, stews, lasagna, pasta sauces and homemade bread. The possibilities are endless.

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